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Here are the questions we hear the most from the CaliCalo community

What are my net calories?

Your NET calories are the calories your body burns to function (REST), plus your calories burned through activity (ACTIVE), minus your calories consumed like food and drink (FOOD).


Why isn’t my calorie data updated in real time on the watch?

Apple Watch app content is updated in the background. Apps that are in the dock or that have complications on the face are updated at least once an hour and often more frequently. We’ve done our best to make sure your calorie data is up to date and in sync anywhere it is displayed.

Why do the watch and phone app have different data?

This is related to the previous question. Along with the watch not being updated in real time, the phone and watch have their own health stores. This enables you to continue tracking calories while you don’t have your phone. In a process completely controlled by Apple, watch and phone health data is synced and you should eventually see your data line up.

Why do weird things happen when the watch is locked?

Health data is inaccessible when Apple Watch is locked. If your watch automatically locks when you take it off calorie data will not update until your watch is unlocked and Apple Watch requests updated data from the app. This will happen within an hour, if not sooner. Adding dietary calories while the watch is locked can also cause some odd behavior.